• Hello Hammock!: A Beginner's Workshop
    with Tammy Bonesteel
  • Yin Yoga & Intuitive Painting
    with Robyn Mortiboys
  • Photos in Flight! An Aerial Arts Photography Event
    with Hosted by Mantra
  • Create Your Own Inspirational Card Deck Workshop
    with Hosted by Mantra
  • Sound Healing & Meditation Workshop
    with Hosted by Mantra

    Begin the New Year with beautiful vibrations and harmonic sounds. Tibetan singing bowls help relax the mind and body effortlessly into a meditative state. The therapeutic sound vibrations of the singing bowls, crystal pyramid and other instruments used in this workshop will accompany a guided meditation to bring deep relaxation and restore the energy flow while balancing the mind, body, and emotions.

    Please come dressed in warm, comfortable clothing.

  • Shoulders & Back Roll-Out: A self care workshop
    with Hosted by Mantra